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Strong Sofa Bed

Completamente sfoderabili e smontabili (con porta guanciali)

Eleganti e versatili con braccioli arrotondati (classic e elegance) e squadrati di tre dimensioni (4/9 e 16), si prestano ad arredare spazi casa moderni o tradizionali. Pratici e semplici da gestire si trasformano con pochi gesti in comodi “rifugi” per la notte.


Sofa bed with removable covers

Elegant and versatile with rounded armrests (classic and elegance) and squared in three dimensions (4, 9 and 16). It is suitable to furnish traditional and modern sitting rooms. Practical and easy to handle with a few gestures, Strong sofa bed becomes a comfortable “refuge” for the night.

The opening of the bed takes place through simple movements and without having to remove the cushions hooked to the structure. A modular system composed of several elements of various sizes to make then more flexible and practical daily living.

The reversible peninsula, rising, provides a good space to hold pillows and blankets, all with maximum comfort.